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RF-391 Series SF6 Gas Recycling Device

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RF-391 is suitable for low and medium voltage switch (10~40.5 kv) aeration cabinet; For high voltage,it is suitable for 72.5kv,110kv,220 kv ,330kv,500kv live tank circuit-breaker, tank circuit-breaker and SF6 gas insulated switchgear(GIS);500kv live tank circuit-breaker and tank circuit-breaker.


  • Recycling SF6 gas, integrate functions of liquefy and store.
  • Liquid Filler,just 5-8 mins to full in cylinder.
  • Provice the environmental discharge equipment of volume pump outlet.
  • To prevent oil go back,the volume pump has valve.


Dimension: 2030(L)*1230(W)*1260(H)mm without tank; 2030(L)*1230(W)*1930(H) with tank
Working power:AC380V,50Hz
CE cettificate
Recycling rate 0-150Kg/h
Outlet pressure ≤3MPa
Vacuum compressor 15 m3/h, ≤5*10-3 Mpa(5000 pa)
20 m3/h, ≤5*10-5 Mpa(50 pa)
40 m3/h, ≤5*10-5 Mpa(50 pa)
Vacuum pumpingOr( lobed element pump)


64 m3/h, ≤10 pa
100 m3/h, ≤10 pa
200 m3/h, ≤10 pa
300 m3/h, ≤10 pa
251 m3/h, ≤0.8 pa
505 m3/h, ≤0.8 pa
Filling Machine 5 m3/h, ≤5 pa
Tank Capacity 220L, Carbon steel material
Capacity 300L, Carbon steel material
Capacity 400L, Carbon steel material
Capacity 500L, Carbon steel material
Capacity 600L, Carbon steel material
No tank
Mass fraction of SF6 (SF6)/%≥ 99.9
Mass fraction of air/%≤ 0.04
Mass fraction of carbon tetrafluoride(CF4)/%≤ 0.04
Moisture Mass fraction of moiture/%≤ 0.0005
Dew point/°C ≤ -49.5
Mass fraction of acidity (by HF)/% ≤ 0.00002
Decomposable fluoride (by HF) /% ≤ 0.00010
Mass fraction of mineral oil/% ≤ 0.0004
Toxicity Non-toxic through biological experiment




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