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RM-HCHO Formaldehyde detection module Dart Sensor

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  •  Product description

Dart Sensor RM-HCHO detection module is the latest masterpiece of Relations, adopt international advanced fuel battery technology and combined with advanced micro detection technology directly transform the HCHO concentration in the environment into measurable ppm value, standard digital output, easy for customers to integrate. This module has passed strict factory calibration and can be directly used to portable detector, air quality monitoring equipment, air purifier and intelligent home equipment,Size and protocol are compatible with Winson sensor, can be replaced directly. etc..

  • Module features

High sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption, long service life

Provide standardized digital output to facilitate customer develop two times

High stability, excellent anti-interference ability, excellent linear output

Exclusive features: the core of the internal use of imported chemicals and breathable membrane.

  • Application area

Portable detector, air quality monitoring equipment, air purifier, fresh air ventilation system, air conditioning, smart home equipment and other places


Measure principleFuel battery
Detect gasHCHO
Maximum Overload50ppm
Supply voltage5-7V
Preheating time<3min
Response time<40S
recovery time<60S
Working temperature-20℃~50℃
Working humidity10%-90%RH(non condensation)
Storage lifetimeSix months
Storage temperature0~20℃
Service lifeThree years
Warranty18 months

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