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PGas-41 Portable 4 in 1 Multiple Gas Detector


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PGas-41 portable multiple gas detector can detect the content of four kinds of gases(oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane) at the same time and display the concentration .It will alarm immediately once the concentration of gas reaches or exceeds the preset alarm point.


  • Real-time detection of oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane.
  • True-color lattice TFT screen display.
  • Setting upper/lower alarm points, STEL and TWA is also inclusive for carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide gases.
  • Automatic battery detection and undervoltage indication.
  • Alarm with LED, buzzer, earphone(optional) and vibration.
  • Setting brightness of back light according to practical need to save power.
  • Storage of historical data and alarm events.
  • NDIR printer can print real-time concentration data(optional).
  • Gas pump realizes detection by pumping(optional).
  • Calibration and set of detector through PC.



Measuring gas Range Accuracy Minimum reading Response time
O2 0~25%vol <±5%(VOL) 0.1%vol ≤20sec
CH4 0~100%LEL <±5%(F.S) 0.1%LEL ≤30sec
CO 0~999ppm <±5%(F.S) 1ppm ≤50sec
H2S 0~100ppm <±5%(F.S) 0.1ppm ≤50sec
Temperature -20~50℃
Pressure 0.9~1.1 standard atmospheric pressure
Humidity 10~95%RH(non condensation)
Explosion-Proof Grade Exia Ⅱ CT3
Protection Grade IP65
Charging Time 4h~6h
Working Time of Battery >8 h(non alarm state)
Length of Pump Pipe
Measurement Principle of Sensor Electrochemical,catalytic combustion
Power Supply lithium battery
Dimensions 85*153*50 mm(host machine)

45*239*28 mm(hand shank of gas pump)

Weight about 300g(host machine)

about 80g(hand shank of gas pump)

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