Globe Instruments Certification

CE Certification confirms that your product complies with all relevant European directives. It indicates that the product is allowed to be traded within the European Economic Area.

A CE Certification is mandatory for several products as shown in the list above. If you, as an importer or manufacturer, want to prevent any barriers such as delays or fines, make sure that your product is tested and approved according to the European Directive guidelines and bears a so called CE Mark.

By affixing the CE mark, and having a CE Certification the manufacturer, the European Authorized Representative or the European importer confirms, and takes the responsibility, that the product complies to the European safety requirements.


ISO 9001 provides a generic yet comprehensive structure on which organisations can establish processes to help achieve business objectives. It has received widespread global recognition with around one million certificates issued.

ISO 9001 compliant business management systems have been adopted across all industry types, from manufacturing through to professional service organisations. This level of acceptance is a reflection of the flexibility and proven practical value it offers to a wide variety of businesses.

CNEx is a professional research institute in the field of Ex safety technique and the base of scientific research and verification of Ex electrical apparatus in China. CNEx is in possession of an amount of excellent procession consisting of Ex safety specialists and the first class facilities for scientific research and testing.