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ZA-2500 on-line dew point meter,based on microprocessor,adopts patent polyester film sensor Drycap and the advanced technology of self-calibration function.It is equipped with precision sampling system and intelligent digital processing display and control unit. It has the features of long-term stability and reliability, wide measurement range and quick response, etc. Besides, it is anti-condensation, resisting dust […]

The ZA-2010 on-line trace oxygen analyzer is stand for up-to-date technology in oxygen measuring. It adopts imported high accuracy electrochemical sensor. The intrinsic safe probe has the performance of high precision and resistance of weak acid and weak base corrosion, therefore, this meter can be used for measurement of oxygen content in many fields. It […]

TGas-1031 on-line gas transmitter which adopts high performance sensor unit can continuously measure the concentration of gas on site and convert the concentration signal into digital or analog signal output(4-20mA analog signal,RS485 communication signal and switch quantity alarm signal to transmit remotely and drive). It is widely used in such industries such as petroleum, chemical, […]