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PGas-24 Portable 2 in 1 Gas Detector


PGas-24 portable 2 in 1 gas detector

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PGas-24 portable 2 in 1 gas detector can continuously detect the concentration of CO2 gas and one of gases such as O2,CO,NH3 and H2S and displays measurement value real-time.
It is applied in buildings, offices, class experiment, greenhouses, agriculture and forestry, vegetable shed& etc.


  • Small volume, convenient to carry.
  • Auto self-calibration when power on.
  • Detection of two target gases at the same time.
  • Long probe for narrow room.
  • Prompt when battery is exhausted.


Measuring gas Principle Range Accuracy
CO2 Solid electrolyte 0.04~5%vol ±30%rdg
O2 Electrochemistry 0~30%vol ±5%F.S
CO-1 Electrochemistry 0~1000ppm ±5%F.S
CO-2 Electrochemistry 0~2000ppm ±5%F.S
H2S Electrochemistry 0~100ppm ±5%F.S
NH3 Electrochemistry 0~100ppm ±5%F.S
SO2 Electrochemistry 0~100ppm ±5%F.S
Cl2 Electrochemistry 0~50ppm ±5%F.S

Note:CO2 is required,the other gas is optional.

Sensor CO2:solid electrolyte sensor   O2:electrochemical sensor
Range CO2:0.04% ~ 5.00%         O2:0.0% ~ 30.0%
Accuracy CO2:±30%rdg(rdg=reading)O2:±3%F.S (F.S=full scale)
Display Resolution CO2:0.01%                O2:0.1%
Calibration CO2:0.04%   O2:20.9%    revise the zero point outdoors
Operation Environment -10~50℃、<90%RH(non condensation)
Display Digital display (unit:%)
Power Supply 5# dry cell * 4/AC 100~ 250V (using a dedicated AC adapter)
Battery Lifespan About 20 hours (when using alkaline dry batteries)
Dimensions Host Machine:76(W)×27(D)×145(H)mmDetector:28(W)×27(D)×170(H)mm
Weight About 250g(including detector and batteries)

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