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PGas-32 Portable Infrared Gas Detector

10 years sensor life. High precision and good stability.

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PGas-32 portable infrared gas detector is a kind of hand-held instrument that can perform continuous measurement of gas. This leakage detector adopts imported gas infrared sensor, it utilizes unique method of data processing, and it has the functions of high sensitivity, quick response, good stability, automatic modification of zero drift as well as speech alarm output, etc. The hand-held design facilitates carrying and testing; light-emitting display screen of organic matter is adopted, and the display is clear without lamp light when it operates at night.


  • NDIR non-dispersive infrared principle.
  • OLED screen, self-luminous with low power consumption and high brightness, with no problem of visual angle.
  • High sensitivity; the detection resolution of leakage can reach 0.1ppm.
  • High precision and good stability.
  • Quick response and recovery.
  • Multi-level speech and light alarm.
  • Can be charged by USB or AC adopter, convenient and quick.
  • Storage and inquiry of measurement data.
  • Read and analysis the data by PC software through USB.
  • Long lifespan of sensor.


Model Measured gas Measurement range (volume content) Measurement precision
PGas-32-CO2-1 CO2 gas 0~5% ±5%rdg
PGas-32-CO2-2 CO2 gas 0~20% ±5%rdg
PGas-32-CO2-3 CO2 gas 0~65% ±5%rdg
PGas-32-CO2-4 CO2 gas 0~100% ±5%rdg
PGas-32-CO-1 CO gas 0~20000ppm ±2%F.S
PGas-32-CO-2 CO gas 0~10% ±2%F.S
PGas-32-SF6 SF6 gas 0~1000ppm ±2%F.S
PGas-32-CH4-1 CH4 gas(methane) 0~4.4%(0~100%LEL) ±2%F.S
PGas-32-CH4-2 CH4 gas(methane) 0~100% ±2%F.S
PGas-32-C2H6 C2H6 gas (ethane) 0~2.4 %(0~100%LEL) ±2%F.S
PGas-32-C3H8 C3H8 gas(propane) 0~1.7%(0~100%LEL) ±2%F.S
PGas-32- C4H10 C4H10 gas(butane) 0~1.4%(0~100%LEL) ±2%F.S
PGas-32- C2H2 C2H2 gas(acetylene) 0~2.3%(0~100%LEL) ±2%F.S
PGas-32- C2H4 C2H4 gas (ethylene) 0~2.4%(0~100%LEL) ±2%F.S
Parameters Characteristics
Measurement principle Non-dispersive infrared  (NDIR)
Detectable gas Refer to lectotype table
Uncertainty <1.5%F.S
Resolution 0.1PPM
Sampling mode Pumping type
Service temperature -10~60℃
Power supply 4.2V, internal lithium battery power supply,2200mAh
Response time 1~5 second(s)
Warm-up time 100 seconds
Probe unit rod length 22cm
Lifespan >10 years
Calibration Calibration every six months
Weight 0.7 Kg

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