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  • za-2001 online hydrogen purity analyzer

ZA-2001 Triple Range Thermal Conductivity Hydrogen Purity Analyzer

Triple range thermal conductivity hydrogen purity analyzer

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ZA-2001 triple range thermal conductivity hydrogen purity analyzer (analyzer + sampling system) adopts sensors based on reliable and stable thermal conductivity principle developed by Honeywell (USA) to provide high sensitivity and accurate analysis on two-phase gases. It is designed for monitoring the hydrogen purity in the generator and gas purity during the gas replacement process in generators. It is widely used in power plant.


  • Appointed auxiliary products in generator plant.
  • Meet the need of gas detection during generators operation and gas replacement .
  • A wide range of temperature compensation technology.
  • Accurate sampling system.
  • Unique automatic blowdown technology and safe bypass function.
  • Explosion-proof sensing unit, reliable operation performance, quick response speed.
  • Cabinet of installed analyzers and sampling system, convenient to calibration on-site.


Measurement range: Range 1:   0~100%  CO2 in AIR

Range 2:   0~100%  H2 in CO2

Range 3:   75~100% H2 in AIR

Precision: ±2%F.S(Two mixed gases in standard condition)
Response time: Hydrogen:       63%:13 s ; 90%:23 s

Carbon dioxide:  63%:24 s ; 90%:45 s

Output range: 4~20mA(Factory settings) corresponds to 75~100% H2 in AIRMaximum load of 800 ohms
Relay output: Two editable SPDT alarm relay(Factory settings)

Alarm 1 corresponds to 98.0% (editable)

Alarm 2 corresponds to 90.0% (editable)

Alarm relay contact capacity                      Load: [email protected] or 120VAC or 240VACInduction loads: 50VA

Sample gas requirements: Sample gas flow rate::0.1L/min-2.0L/min(1SCFH)
Environmental requirements: Relative humidity: 90% (Max)

Temperature range: -10℃~+50℃

Storage temperature: Max  70℃

Power Requirements: Control unit only: generally 90~264VAC,50~60Hz                       Power consumption: 18VA(Max)
Dimensions: 800mm×400mm×1660mm
Weight: About 131Kg

Standard sensing unit:

Product design and manufacture accord with the Exi certification of the U.S. (FM) and Canada (CSA).

Please refer to the English instructions for detailed information

Standard control unit:

Product design and manufacture accord with European standards: 73/23/EEC

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