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ZA-2010 On-line Trace Oxygen Analyzer

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The ZA-2010 on-line trace oxygen analyzer is stand for up-to-date technology in oxygen measuring. It adopts imported high accuracy electrochemical sensor. The intrinsic safe probe has the performance of high precision and resistance of weak acid and weak base corrosion, therefore, this meter can be used for measurement of oxygen content in many fields. It is widely used in hydrogen station of power plant and industrial oxygen content detection.


  • Explosion-proof with intrinsic safe type sensor unit.
  • High precision, anti-interference, quick response.
  • Touch screen, LCD operation and control, Chinese & English menu display.
  • Stable performance, firm and reliable.
  • Special-purpose acid and alkali pretreatment sampling system.
  • Onsite display and remote transmission display.



Technical Parameters
Measuring range: 0~2%  O2
Precision: ±0.03%
Repeatability: ±0.01%
Response time: 20 seconds
Analog output: 4~20mA(maximum load 800Ω)
Alarm output: DC24V 1A(two-way alarm output, independent programming is available)
Operation temperature: -10~40℃
Degree of protection: NEMA 4X,IP66
Intrinsic safe: Ex ia ⅡCT3
Installation mode
Control unit: Plate mounting onto the control cabinetDimensions:139mm×139mm×147mm(about 0.5kg)
Sampling system: Wall mounting to the siteDimensions: 600mm×450mm×70mm(about 9kg)

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