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GE600 Mirror Dew Point Meter

GE600 mirror dew-point meter, developed on the basis of the principle of cold mirror.

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GE600 mirror dew-point meter, developed on the basis of the principle of cold mirror, It’s especially made for measuring gas humidity . Under a constant pressure, the gas with a certain velocity through the closed sensor chamber, by detecting the change of the photoelectric signal, using high precision circuit and advanced algorithms to control the refrigerating unit, the control system will eventually made the mirror surface temperature automatically balance on the sample gas dew point temperature, Then gas dew point temperature can be measured, the detection process of gas humidity has completed.

It Can be widely used in electric power industry, measuring departments, large-scale iron and steel, coal, chemical industry and other fields, it is mainly used for SF6, CO2, N2 and H2 and O2 gas micro water content detection. The maximum permissible error can satisfy the requirements of first level measurement performance for?national metrological verification regulations JJG 499-2004 ?. With advantages for fast measurement speed, high accuracy, small volume, light weight and so on .


  • Display function: TFT4.2 color LCD touch-screen, real-time display the current measurement of dew point temperature, the equilibrium process chart, flow, time and other information.
  • Alarm function: alarm prompt for wrong operation, abnormal gas flow or mirror checked exception .
  • Self-test function: after power on, dew-point meter can automatically detect the configuration information (include sensor information, mirror clean and so on ), fault diagnosis function.
  • Historical memory function: built-in FLASH, can store 510 measurements, convenient historical view.
  • Double temperature measurement: an independent measurement of environmental temperature and mirror surface temperature.
  • PPM display function: transform the current measurement of dew point value to PPM value display under 20?.
  • Against the supercooled water: can effectively eliminate the error caused by supercooled water phenomenon..
  • Dry type pipeline design: dry design for piping .
  • SF6 temperature supply function: converting the current PPM value to PPMS.
  • Factory calibration functions: automatic temperature calibration and manual calibration mode.
  • Automatic/manual stop the measurement model.
  • Selection of many kinds of measuring gas.
  • Intelligent power display.



  • GB/T 5832.2 2008 the measurement of trace moisture in the gas part 2: the dew point method
  • DL/T 506-2007, sulfur hexafluoride electrical equipment insulation gas humidity measurement method
  • GB/T 11605-2005 Humidity measurement method
  • JJG 499-2004 of the People’s Republic of China metrological verification procedures precision dew-point meter
  • GB/T 8905-1996, sulfur hexafluoride gas management in the electric equipment and inspection guideline



 Measuring principle Cold mirror principle
Measuring range -60℃ maximum 10℃ environmental temperature-60℃—–20℃environmental temperature-55℃—–35℃environmental temperature-50℃—–40℃environmental temperatureThe measured value of the above is under atmospheric pressure, if is greater than the atmospheric pressure, dew point temperature may be a little higher
Measurement accuracy ≤±0.2℃
Repeatability ≤±0.2℃
PPMV accuracy(computational accuracy) ±0.1%
Display sensitivity ± 0.1 ℃
Equilibration time 3~6 minutes
Cooling 4 level Peltier cold – batch
Sample gas flow 10~50L/h
Sample gas pressure 0.1—0.12 MPa
Display TFT4.2 Color LCD touch
Measurement Automatic/manual stop model
Alarm Gas flow abnormal alarmMirror check abnormal alarm
Response time 4℃/s maximum
Power 48W
Battery DC 14.8V  20AH
The power supply time ≥6 HOUR
Operation environmental temperature -20℃~ +40℃ (Storage, use)
Environmental humidity The maximum90% relative humidity, without condensation
Weight About 6.2kg
Overall dimensions  (W)190 x(D)270 x(H)260mm

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