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PGas-20 Series Portable Gas pump built-in single gas detector

Portable gas pump built-in single gas detector

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PGas-20  Series Portable gas pump built-in single gas detector  is used to detect the concentration of flammable gases, oxygen gas and many kinds of toxic &amp; harmful gases. It will alarm immediately once the detected gas concentration reaches or exceeds the preset alarm point. Users can set the low and high alarm point according to the practical need.

Main Feature

  • Smart probe design, calibration and maintenance more convenient in the future;
  • Fault, Warning, operator error, alarm will be smart tips;
  • Built-in CF calibration coefficients (VOC measurements only valid);
  • With audible alarm, visual alarm function, the status bar also displays alarm status;
  • Full-color 3.5-inch TFT screen, color LCD display and intuitive;
  • Can be both digital and curve display of gas concentration in two ways;
  • With USB communication port, you can speed 9600 bytes to communicate directly with the computer;
  • With test record function, can store a month’s measurement data and instrument or computer can view the data;
  • With alarm recording function, you can record the last four times the alarm time and type;
  • With calibration record; can record the last four times the size of the calibration time span;
  • High-capacity lithium battery-powered, rechargeable, low battery automatic shutdown;
  • Can be set high reported, underreporting, TWA, STEL, shutdown time, pump speed, etc.;
PGas-20-HCN0~100ppm   0~1000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-BR20~20ppm    0~200ppm  0~500ppm

0~1000ppm  0~2000ppm

PGas-20-TiCL40~20ppm     0~200ppm   0~1000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-COCL20~20ppm    0~100ppm  0~200ppm  0~1000ppm  0~3000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-SIH40~20ppm   0~50ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-H2O20~100ppm  0~500ppm  0~2000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-HBr0~20ppm   0~100ppm  0~200ppm  0~1000ppm  0~3000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-HCL0~20ppm   0~100ppm  0~200ppm  0~1000ppm  0~3000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-CH2O0~10ppm  0~1000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-PH30~5pm      0~50ppm  0~100ppm  0~1000ppm  0~2000ppm  0~4000ppm0.01ppm/0.1ppm/1ppm
PGas-20-VOC0~2pm    0~20ppm  0~100ppm  0~1000ppm

0~2000ppm  0~4000ppm

PGas-20-O30~2pm    0~5ppm  0~20ppm  0~50ppm

0~100ppm  0~200ppm

Power supplyLithium battery (4.2V/3000mAh)
Operating Currentnormal current: ≤ 150mA; Alarm current: ≤ 200mA
Operating environment: Temperature-20~+55℃

Relative Humidity: 15% – 95%, non-condensing

Storage environmentTemperature: -20 ~+60 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤ 90%, no condensation

Housing materialPC
Dimensions228 x 84 x 50.5mm
Weight 0.55 kg
Working Temperature-20℃~55℃
Sampling MethodFlow rate up to 0.8L / min.Third gear adjustment
Data store200,000 sets of data usb high-speed transmission
Response Time≤20s
Recovery Time≤20s
Linearity error≤±1%
Zero shift≤±1%
DispTFT color screen
Gas unitSupport multiple gas unit switching
Explosion-ProofExia II CT4
Degree of protectionIP67
Alarm modeSound light vibration
Operation time100 hours (close the pump)

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PGas-20 Series Portable Gas pump built-in single gas detector

PGas-20 Series Portable Gas pump built-in single gas detector

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