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RF-300 Series Sulfur Hexafluoride(SF6) Recovery Device

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RF-300 is large-scale fixed recovery and purification treatment, the modular combined design merges gas purification and recharge into a whole, the functions are mutually independent, the structure is compact and reasonable, the contour is beautiful, PLC intelligent control is adopted, the interface is simple and friendly, the operation is convenient, the use is safe and reliable to facilitate maintenance.

The main functional components of the equipment is original ones, and it is an ideal device for indoor concentrated treatment of SF6 gas, or site rush repair, recovery or purification treatment of SF6 gas.


  • The quality of treated gas conforms to the new gas standard stipulated in national standard GB/T 12022-2006.
  • Integrated liquefaction, purification and storage of recovered SF6 gas.
  • The unique purification technique (invention patent) for cycle purification treatment to recovered gas.
  • Unique patented drying filtering technique to remove moisture, decomposed product and impurity in gas.
  • Oilless compressor imported from American is adopted for recovery with high efficiency.
  • Dual compressor supercharging technique for improving recovery rate.
  • The recovery and recharge adopt two-way independent system and compression equipment, so as to avoid cross contamination of gas.
  • Independent gas heating system, higher recharge efficiency.
  • Automatic neutralization treatment of waste gas and impurity, so as to realize pollution-free discharge, and reduce influence of SF6 gas on environment.
  • The system is equipped with electronic weighing device, for real-time measurement to recovery and recharge of SF6 gas.
  • Imported PLC control technique.
  • Embedded industrial control computer, one-key touch screen operation, highly automatic.
  • Site configuration is available, automatic display of process, instant function operation prompting.
  • It is equipped with special-purpose temperature, pressure and weight measurement sensor, for real-time monitor to working status of system.
  • Optional vacuum pumping speed: 200m3/h, 253m3/h (Roots multicell pump).
  • It can be vehicular.


Volume of storage tank 600L
Vacuum pumping speed 64m3/h
Limit vacuum degree ≤10Pa
Recovery speed 0~150kg/h
Annual leakage rate ≤1%
Filtration precision <1μm
Purification capacity Moisture content ≤40ppmv
Acid value ≤0.2ppm/wt
Carbon tetrafluoride(CF4) ≤0.04%
Air ≤0.04%
Purity ≥99.9%
Dust dust particle whose filtration diameter is <1μm
Gas quality conforming to new gas standard for industrial SF6 stipulated in GB/T 12022-2006 (Chinese standard)
Operating power supply AC380V 50Hz
Maximum power 20KW
Ambient temperature 0°C~40°C
Humidity <85% no Condensation

New gas quality standard for industrial SF6(China National Standard):

Mass fraction of SF6 (SF6)/%≥ 99.9
Mass fraction of air/%≤ 0.04
Mass fraction of carbon tetrafluoride(CF4)/%≤ 0.04
Moisture Mass fraction of moiture/%≤ 0.0005
Dew point/°C ≤ -49.5
Mass fraction of acidity (by HF)/% ≤ 0.00002
Decomposable fluoride (by HF) /% ≤ 0.00010
Mass fraction of mineral oil/% ≤ 0.0004
Toxicity Non-toxic through biological experiment

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