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RA-500FP Series SF6 Gas Comprehensive Analyzer

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RA-500FP Series is one kind of SF6 gas Comprehensive Analyzer.In order to analyze accurate SF6 gas,it uses the miniature thermal conductivity detector,special gas path structure and precision electronic flow meter.It adopts high performance dew point transmitter of Finland Vaisala Company as the core meansurement unit of the entire system.It integrates multiple up-to-date research achievement and proprietary technology in measurement of dew point,and it has the function of Td automatic conversion on standard condition.



  • Built-in special SF6 gas path structure.
  • Make up temperature in wide range.
  • System warm up reminder.
  • Real-time temperature monitoring.
  • Self-humidity calibration starting up.
  • Measurement data storage.
  • Performance system time.
  • Performance automatic battery.
  • Documents storage system.
  • English and Chinese double words display on screen.


Charging Power 220VAC±10% 50Hz
Battery AC and DC,AC  220 VAC±10%  50HzBattery: 16V  13000mAh,continuously work for over 8 hours
Using time >10 hours
Environment tempeature 0-95%RH(non condensation)
Humidity 15~90%RH(non condensation)
Environment presure P ±10%
Air pressure 0.1…0.6Mpa
Dimension 320mm×176mm×395mm

Purity measurement parameter


Measurement range 90-100%(g/g)
Accuracy ±0.2%(g/g)
Resolution 0.01%
Response time < 40s
Flow (250±5)mL/min


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